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The New Arts Campus in Central Jerusalem

After 30 thriving years in our historic location in the Talpiyot industrial area, the School is set to move in 2022 to our new home in the center of Jerusalem. The Arts Campus, being built by the Jerusalem municipality and the NY Jewish Federation, will be comprised of four different arts schools and will serve as a focal point for the vibrant young scene in downtown Jerusalem. The JSFS will be located in a seven story building of approximately 4000 square meters which will include classrooms for up till 350 students, a soundstage, editing suits, common spaces and three cinemas which will be open to the public. Groundbreaking for the new complex was in May 2017.

The campus will redefine and revive downtown Jerusalem as a culture hub, and will act to implement collaboration on many levels. The location will enable JSFS students to enjoy the downtown vibe, as well as feed and be fed by it. Jerusalem residents and visitors will also benefit from the campus as it radiates outward into its surroundings, as befitting a world capital.

The new campus’ study spaces are purpose-designed with an eye toward future needs, allowing students to hold a direct dialogue with Jerusalem throughout their studies. The new campus will feature the following:

  • State of the Art Cinemas – 3 Cinemas which includes a large hall of 180 seats, a medium-sized hall of 120 places and a 40 seat small hall. These cinemas will be open to the public in addition to serving the school community for lectures and seminars and will operate as a cultural center in downtown Jerusalem drawing audiences to the city. 

  • Sound Stage - 120 square meter professional studio which will be used to for sets for both school and outside productions. This will be a fully digitized studio with electrical remote control for sound and lighting. Such a sound studio will contribute to the local industry and provide artistic opportunities. 

  • Vestibules and foyers - the 800 square meter lobby will be used as an art gallery with changing exhibits including new media, VR and video art. The lobby will also house an exclusive coffee bar.

  • Sound mix studio for final sound mix featuring advanced sound and computer equipment.

  • Digital library storage and archive of all school films as well as learning materials to be made available via an internal server for streaming.

  • Editing Wing - 22 editing suites outfitted with computers and advanced editing software. The wing will also house a classroom for teaching editing programs.

  • Rooftop – amphitheater, garden, benches, seating areas, lookout open to the Jerusalem sky and gorgeous views. The 90 seat amphitheater will allow for outdoor screening and events. The garden will have seating areas and relaxing corners.

  • 8 Class rooms with advanced screening conditions including a wide screen and optimal sound.

  • Student lounge - a quiet spot for rest and reflection.

  • Conference room located within the office area. 


For more information or to donate, contact Cara Saposnik at

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