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JSFS is considered Israel's leading film school

JSFS is ranked one of the 15 best film schools outside the United States according to Hollywood Reporter, for four years running (2017-2020)

JSFS invests in each of our students

Our students are eligible for various types of financial assistance, including scholarships and production grants. In addition, close mentoring throughout their studies aids our students in realizing their artistic visions.

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A key player in Israel’s television and cinema industry

75% of our graduates occupy key positions in Israeli motion picture and television industry

International recognition

Films produced by our students and graduates have thus far won 460 Israeli and international prizes.

Since its establishment in 1989, JSFS has won Best Film School 16 times

Our structured instructional method is results-proven

Our method combines theory and practical learning, and extends professional mentoring to each student

Our faculty is comprised of Israel’s finest cinema instructors who come to us from a myriad industries and professions

Individual attention from faculty members and staff in addition to a range of financial aid and other support

The location: Jerusalem!

A city that has inspired and captivated storytellers for centuries

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Our method nurtures the student’s inner voice as filmmakers and screenwriters

Through intense dialogue surrounding assignments, debut films, and final senior films, our faculty members pose the following questions to our students:

  • Does your script have to be made into a film?

  • Is your script original?

  • Are you the only one who can tell this story?

  • Are you compelled to tell this story?

  • Does this story reflect and/or express your personal taste and style?

  • Is this story relevant to an audience? If so, which one(s)?

  • What artistic and narrative means will you use to reach your audience?

  • Does your story work across countries and cultures?

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