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The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School was founded in 1989 by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture and the Jerusalem Foundation, as Israel’s first independent, national school for film and television.  At a ceremony at MOMA in 1996, it was renamed in honor of the Academy Award-winning American Jewish producer Sam Spiegel - best known for The African Queen, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, and On the Waterfront -with the support of the Sam Spiegel Estate.

The School’s board of directors is made up of leading business and culture figures from across Israeli industries.

 The JSFS serves as the main engine that feeds the Israeli film industry, with graduates working in all aspects of film. 75% of the School’s graduates work in the industry. Since the establishment of the school, 45 graduates were nominated for the Ophir Award, the Israeli Academy Awards.

The School is additionally supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Jerusalem Municipality.

We wish to thank our constant supporters: 

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The Jerusalem Foundation | The Jerusalem Municipality | The Sam Spiegel Foundation, London-NYC | The Jerusalem Development Authority

The Beracha Foundation | The Israeli Lottery –Mifal Hapayis

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