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Film & Television Department

Over a period of four years, the JSFS trains its students in all of the practical and theoretical arts of film and television: directing, cinematography, editing, scriptwriting and production. This instruction is done in stages through professional and artistic assignments which are performed under the supervision and direction of first-rate teachers and educators.

The educational methodology is based on a syllabus that is updated yearly and which incorporates theory with practical studies. From the moment students enter the School, they are part of a progressive system in which they move ahead both as a group and on an individual basis. JSFS has an open and pluralistic approach allowing each student artistic freedom and a personal voice.  Over the four years of study, students engage with leading teachers and cultural leaders from Israel and elsewhere.

At the core of the program is the concept of a short film. By focusing on the short film, students learn to define a location and a timeframe allowing each production to go ahead with full creative and financial backing.

Starting as early as the first year, students take part in school productions and thus acquire knowledge along with experience and expertise in various aspects of filmmaking. This is in addition to workshops focusing on direction, scriptwriting, cinematography, production, edition and documentary exercises.

During their third year, students have the opportunity to focus their expertise in a specific topic: either editing, cinematography or production. And during the second half of that year they will begin the process of writing the script for their graduation film.

Acceptance into JSFS is selective and only a limited number of applicants get in every year – as the School invests financial and human resources in order to ensure that each student reaches their personal and professional best.

At this point all of the study at JSFS is in Hebrew only.

If this is relevant for you, we encourage you to be in touch with our registrar’s office

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