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Screenwriting Program

“I allow Louis Bunel to make Louis Bunel films” screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere, during a 2012 master class at JSFS

To write a script is to create a universe, to invent characters, to weave stories that move readers and transport viewers – to allow directors to make movies.

Our two-year screenwriting program began in 1999 and offers intensive studies with the goal of turning out inspiring writers who will lead the industry and advance the role of the screenwriter as a vital partner in the filmmaking process.

The bi-weekly program is based on inspirational writing classes and workshops led by the best screenwriters working in Israel today. Theory classes are in conjunction with students from the full directing department. Workshops include directing, working with actors, one-on-one tutoring in addition to master classes with leading guests from abroad.

Every year the program accepts students with a proven ability to write and express themselves in composition. Our goal is to help them develop first and foremost as independent-minded storytellers, and only after that as writers for film or television. Among our alumni are screenwriters, directors, authors, playwrights, literary editors and cultural leaders.

Towards the end of their studies, students undergo preparation for marketing and promotion of their screenplay culminating in a festive event for the industry in search of the next big thing.


At this point all of the study at JSFS is in Hebrew only.

If this is relevant for you, we encourage you to be in touch with our registrar’s office

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