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Cinema is a mouthpiece for narratives, and for 30 years the JSFS has been central in telling the Israeli story, with all of its diversity and range. Above all, JSFS is a hub for education, excellence and leadership. We see our mission as a national one, a duty to educate the future generation of filmmakers who will mold and fashion a humanistic and rich cinema that is well versed in cinematic history and language. We are a school for filmmaking leadership.  

Since our inception we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students can fulfill their creative potential, can acquire technical skills and to go out into the world equipped with the best know-how available. 

Your support will go directly to our students and alumni as an investment in the curriculum and the overall learning experience, allowing them to gain knowledge and expertise.

Supporters of the JSFS have always taken pride in the success of the school and its students. Donations to the School have also served to support unique projects for alumni offering increased exposure to the industry and more viability as a workforce.

Over the years, the JSFS has transformed the industry through innovative initiatives such as setting up the New Fund for Film and Television (1993); joining the European Film Academy (2003); creating The Jerusalem Film Fund (2008) and launching the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab (2011).

Your meaningful contribution will resonate on a number of levels – from assisting students with rent and tuition, to upgrading equipment at school, to international projects that bring praise to the JSFS.


Thank you for supporting vital leadership in Israeli culture.

For more information please be in touch with Cara Saposnik

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