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Sam Spiegel Series Lab!

"Netflix and Sam Spiegel- a match made in Heaven"

The first edition of the Sam Spiegel Series Lab ended with a BANG!

The full working-week in Los Angeles culminated with an award reception where the $20,000 Netflix Series Development Award, presented by Ted Sarandos, was awarded to Insignificant by Mindi Ehrlich, produced by Efrat Dror.

The jury stated the award was granted to “a powerful story with an inspiring protagonist. The project balances a compelling personal story with an engaging narrative and a global appeal, while bringing an untold story to light”.

The $10,000 WestEnd Upcoming Talent Award, was awarded to Wafa by Benjamin Freidenberg and Ihab Jadallah, produced by Amir Harel & Ayelet Kait.

The jury stated the award was granted to “a bold and risky story, set in a world yet to be seen onscreen, where the protagonists must live a lie to live their truth.”

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