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11th edition of the International Film Lab is in full swing in Jerusalem this week

Making a feature film is hard work. And it starts with a strong script and inspiring mentors.

Intensive one-on-one meetings take place every day, all week. Our 11th edition participants are lucky to be working with the best script editors in the world!

BAFTA winner Clare Downs - has been with the Lab since we started in 2011 is a much sought-after script consultant.

Screenwriter and script consultant, Jacques Akchoti has been an integral part of the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab since its inception in 2011.

Former head of "Berlinale Generation", Thomas Hailer Thomas Hailer  is a much respected a dramaturg and script consultant

Script consultant Sari Azoulay Turgeman Sari Turgeman  who worked on "Fauda" and just directed her first feature is joining us for the first time.

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