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Short Story - Sam Spiegel's student films on the Israeli yes channel

The school's welcome collaboration with the Israeli yes channel, as part of which about 100 short films produced by the students during the school's inception, will be broadcast, including the debut films of senior directors in Israel, graduates of the school: Nir Bergman, Talia Lavie, David Ofek, Keren Margalit, Ruthi Perry Bar, Jonathan Indursky and more.

The films will be broadcast on the "Short Story" broadcasts on the Israeli yes channel, which was launched on Shavuot, on Sunday, May 16, 2121 and on Monday, May 17, 21 at 10:30 PM, with a selection of Sam Spiegel's most prominent films of all time. From Tuesday 18.5 on a regular nightly broadcast strip.

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